Bottom Up Approach


How does the Bottom Up approach differ from the To

Bottom Up does not start with fixed typologies. Instead it is 'data driven'

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What is the aim of investigative psychology?

To match details from the crime scene with statistical analysis and establish patterns of behaviour that are likley to occur.

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What is Geographical Profiling?

Investigators use info about location of linked crime scenes to try to identify the home or base of an offender.

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What is Canter's circle theory?

When the pattern of offending forms a circle around a 'centre of gravity,' (offender's home base.)

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What are the two types of offender seen in Geograp

The marauder- opperates in close proximity to their home 

The commuter- likley to have travelled 

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What is a stength of investigative psychology?

Research support- Canter and Heritage

66 sexual assalt cases examined using smallest space analysis

several behaviours identified as common eg. lack of reacion to the victim.

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What is a strength of Geographical Profiling?

Research support- Canter and Lundrigan

120 murder cases involving serial killers in US

found spacial consistency- the disposal site of each body created a 'centre of gravity'

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