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The Bosnian Crisis (1908-9)

1908 - Austria Hungary annex Bosnia, Serbia object because:

.Fear Austria Hungary may annex them

.They wanted Bosnia to unite the Slav people

Serbia ask Russia for help as they don't want Austria Hungary to dominate the Balkans

Germany help Austria Hungary. Russia back down as they are not strong enough.

Consequences of The Bosnian Crisis

.Serbia is angry + want revenge

. Austria Hungary felt confident, and could rely on Germany

. Bosnia was now a part of Austria-Hungary


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The Naval Race

Naval Race (1906-1914)

Between Britain + Germany.

Britain needed a good Navy and it is an island and needs protection.

It was a race to build the most Dreadnoughts. Dreadnoughts destroyed the older ships (which Britain had)

It peaked into 1909 - Germans refused to say how many they were building. In Britain due to pressure from public, Britain were forced to build more than 4

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The Arms Race

Arms Race (1900-1914)

Large Armies = Threat to peace. But Military leaders said "The only way to ensure peace was to have a strong army to prevent attack"

Apart from Britain all the GREAT POWERS has increased the size of their armies and introduced conscription.

Conscription Change: France: from 2 - 3 years + Russia: from 3- 3 and 1/2 years

in 1913: Germany was very powerful. Russia had more men, but was badly equipped.

Germans were encouraged to join as the Kaiser had a picture painted of him in uniform

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