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Nervous System provies the biological basis of psychological experience

Split into two subsystems - PERIPHERAL and CENTRAL

Peripheral Nervous System - sends info to and receives info from CNS. Made up of SOMATIC and AUTONOMIC nervous systems.

Somatic - info to and from sense and CNS.

Autonomic - info to and from internal organs to sustain life processes. Made up of SYMPATHETIC and PARASYMPATHETIC systems.

Sympathetic - increases bodily activity.

Parasympathetic - maintains/decreases bodly activity.

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Central Nervous System - made up of spinal cord and brain.

Spinal cord receives and transmits info to and from brain

Brain - maintains life, involved in higher functions and psych. processes.

The brain is made up of three parts:

CEREBELLUM regulates movement and sense of balance, coordinates muscles

CEREBRAL HEMISPHERES perform higher functions, concerned with hearing, vision, and memory

BRAIN STEM controls functions such as sleeping, waking, breathing, heart rate

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Dilates pupils

Inhibits saliva production

Increases rate of breathing

Inhibits digestion

Relaxes bladder (increases urination)

Increases heart rate

Stimulates *********** (males) or ****** (females)

Increases actions of adrenal glands

Generally prepares body to expend energy for fight or flight

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Contracts pupils

Stimulates saliva production

Decreases rate of breathing

Stimulates digestion

Contracts bladder (decreases urination)

Decreases heart rate

Stimulates sexual arousal

Decreases actions of adrenal glands

Generally maintains and conserves body energy and functions

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