Create currents in the brain that travel down the axon
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Billions of neurons make them
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Gaps between neurons
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Motor neurons
Short dendrites and long axons
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Sensory neurons
Long dendrites and short axons
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Relay neurons
short dendrites and long or short axons
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Action potentials
Electrical charges sent down the axon
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Saltatory conduction
Jumping of electrical through the Nodes of Ranvier
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Synaptic transmission
Synaptic gap --> Dendrites --> Axon--> Nodes of ranvier--> Axon terminal--> Synaptic vesicles--> Neurotransmitters--> synaptic gap--> post synaptic receptors--> dendrites
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Link between the endocrine system and the nervous system. Releases and inhibits hormones & stops and starts other hormones
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Pituitary gland
'Master gland'. Regulates the functions of the endocrine glands. Sends signals to release and inhibit hormone production
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In the throat. Regulates metabolism through the hormone thyroxine
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Under the thyroid. Only active until puberty. Hormone = thymosin. Aids the immune system
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Adrenal glands
Above the kidneys. Produces hormones that are vital for life- cortisol
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Above the adrenal glands. Maintains blood glucose levels in the body. Hormone = insulin and glucagon
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oestrogen & progesterone. Breast development, fat distribution on hips, legs & breasts and development of female reproductive system
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Testosterone. Maintains healthy development of male sex organs, growth of facial & body hair, lowering of voice, increase in height & muscles & growth of adam's apple
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Two parts of the pituitary gland
Anterior lobe and posterior lobe
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Adrenal gland parts
Outer = adrenal cortex & Inner = adrenal medulla
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Acute stress
SAM Pathway (Sympathetic Adrenal Medullary) = fight or flight
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Chronic stress
HPA Pathway (Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal) = no fight or flight
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SAM Pathway
Stressor --> Hypothalamus--> Sympathetic branch--> Adrenal Medulla--> Adrenaline & Noradrenaline--> Heart, breathing rates increase
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HPA Pathway
Stressor--> Hypothalamus--> Pituitary gland--> ACTH--> Adrenal cortex--> Cortisol
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Billions of neurons make them

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