Biology , Respiration, Aerobic and Anarobic

Biology respiration

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the energy is contained in food molecules which is released by an enzyme system. This occurs in the cytoplasm.

This energy is used for process such as growth and sensetivity. 

This process of respiration takes place inside the cell and this is either true in plant and animal cells.  

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Aerobic and Anarobic respiration

A celll carrying out Aerobic respiration will break down the food molecules and release the energy to do this it requires a enzyme system. Aerobic respiration requires that the cell is provided with oxygen and that it will exctrete carbon dioxide

A celll carrying out Anarobic respiration will break down the food molecules and release the energy. But as in aerobic is that it doesn't require oxygen. Also Anarobic respiration produces less energy.

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Aerobic Respiration

Word equation for Aerobic respiration:

Glucose + Oxygen ---> Energy + Carbon dioxide + Water

Chemical equation for Anarobic:
C6 H12 o6 + 6o2 ---> Energy + 6Co2 + 6H120

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Anaerobic respiration

Animal cells 
Glucose + Lactic acid +Energy 

Plant cells
Glucose + Ethanol + Carbon dioxide + Energy 

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