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dont eat them!

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Diet and Exercise

Carbohydrates:- relese energy

Fat:- releases energy, to keep the body warm

protein:- to help growth and cell repair and replacement 

Fibre:- keep everything moving swiftly in the digestive system

Vitamins and mineral ions:- keep everything generally healthy 

If you have an active job you need more/ high energy

if you do little exercise you need less energy, less fat and less carbohydrates

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Weight problems

Eating too much carbohydrates or fat in your diet leads to obesity:-

Obesity is definned as being 20% over the ideal BMI for your age and height

Obesity causes hormonal problems 

bad diet, lack of exercise and ove eating leads to obesity

eating to little still causes many problems like:-


irregular periods

slow growth

poor resistance to infections

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people can inherit:-

their metabolic rate

underactive thyriod gland

blood cholesterol level (if its high it will could led to heart disease)


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Exercise and health

People who exercise are less likely to suffer fro obesity

Exercise builds muscle and helps boost your metabloic rate

People who exercise regular are the most healthy

People can be physically fit but not healthy, they could be malnourished and have an unbalanced diet

Exercise increases the amount of energy used in the body and decreases the amount stored as fat

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There are two different types of Pathogens:-

Bacteria and Viruses


  • are very small living cells
  • they make you feel ill by, damaging cells and producing toxins
  • bacteria can reproduce rapidly in the body


  • are not cells they are much smaller
  • they create cell damage which makes you feel ill
  • they :invade cells, make copies of themselves inside the cell, the cells burst and release the viruses
  • then when the virus is in the system they duplicate 
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