Biological Rhythms, Sleep and Dreaming: TEST YOURSELF! :3

Not really revision cards, but answering these (from memory, don't use your books!) really helped me, so I thought I should upload them.

When it says 'outline' or 'evaluate' DON'T go into essay-mode. Just jot down a few bullet points, that should be enough. Remember, these aren't serious, and take a break if you need one! ^w^

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· What are ultradian, circadian and infradian rhythms? Give examples.

· List studies into biological rhythms and name two critical points for each.

· What is the role of an endogenous pacemaker / exogenous zeitgeber? Outline one study on this topic.

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B R 2

· Give examples of how biological rhythms can be disrupted.

· What are the consequences of disrupting biological rhythms?

(Remember to take a break now, if you need one!)

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Sleep 1

· Name two different types of sleep.

· Outline and evaluate the ecological and restoration theories of sleep.

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Sleep 2

· What are the differences between Horne's and Oswald's theories?

· Outline and evaluate one study of sleep deprivation.

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Dreaming 1

· List, outline and evaluate studies into the nature of dreams.

· What is activation-synthesis? Evaluate.

· What is reverse-learning? Evaluate.

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Dreaming 2

· Outline studies into REM sleep and LEARNING.

· List theories of the function of dreaming.

· Discuss problems with taking a scientific approach to dreaming.

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There, you're done!

Now you can check through your books to see if you got the right information down. Revise any topics you don't think you did as well on.

Alternatively, you can e-mail me at [email protected] to discuss your answers, or just comment below.

I know this seems like a lot of work, but you can still have fun!

Ciao bella~ Isya

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