Bio-B3 Double Circulatory System

  • More oxygen can be carried around the body faster
  • Less fatigue and tiredness
  • Carbon dioxide can be removed quicker and more effectively.
  • Heart valves stop BACKFLOW of blood
  • Muscles in the heart are bigger on the left because blood has to be pumped all the way round the body, the other side therefore does less work-only travels to the lungs.
  • Arteries go away from the heart.
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Artifical Hearts


  • Increases life expectancy- especially if they are close to death


  • Low success rate
  • Device has a limited life span
  • Pain & risk of infection from surgery
  • Discomfort from the device.
  • Have other complications









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Blood vessels


  • Carry blood away from the heart- A=Away
  • Have a strong and thick muscular walls
  • Blood flows through at high pressure
  • Has no valves


  • Connect veins and venules
  • Walls are very thin (one cell thick)
  • Blood flows at low pressure allows the exchange of materials.
  • No valves


  • Carry blood to the heart
  • Have a thin wall
  • Blood flows at low pressure
  • Has valves to stop BACKFLOW 
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Different Blood Cells

Red Blood Cells-

  • Has a bioconcave shape for a large surface area
  • Has no nucleus (this would take up space)
  • It is flexible
  • Haemoglobin+Oxygen           Oxyhaemaglobin (Red blood cells)


White Blood Cells

  • Fighting pathogens and protects body from infection
  • Antibodies- ingest pathogens


For blood clotting whenn exposed to air - creates a FIBRINOGEN net to trap red blood cells. It forms a scab to prevent infection.








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Leaky Valves (Heart Problems)

Heart valves keep the blood flowing in the same direction.

They withstand lots of pressure and usage. But they may weaken and start to leak, so the heart doesn't work as well as it should do.

Doctors can operate and replace the faulty valve. Mechanical valves are usually made from titanium and polymers- lasting a very long time.

However with the mechanical valves- you would have to take medicine for the rest of your life, and these medicines prevent your blood from clotting.

Biological valves are based on valves taken from pigs and cattle.They work well, and no medication is needed, but they only last for about 15 years.

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Artifical Blood & Donors

  • Blood can only be stored for a limited about of time
  • Blood donors are often in short supply.
  • Some people will not accept a blood transfusion due to religious reasons.

Artifical Blood Products

PLASMA Keeps blood pressure normal as possible, this allows time for the body to make more blood. Plasma carries little dissolved oxygen or food. Serving only to maintain blood volume.

PERFLUOROCARBONS- Very non-reactive chemicals that can carry dissolved gases around the body. Oxygen dissolves easily in in PFCs and don't need to be refrigated, as can be kept for a long time and don't carry any diseases.





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