Blood and Circulation

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  • Blood and Circulation
    • Blood
      • Made of plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets
      • plasma
        • transports ; chemical substances, products of digestion, hormones, anti-bodies, urea, carbon dioxide
      • red blood cells
        • transports oxygen from lungs to tissue and cells and for respiration. Contains hemoglobin -> binds to oxygen. No nucleus, small, bio-concave disks
      • white blood cells
        • fight against infection, change shape, engluf  microorganisms
      • plasma
        • trigger blood clotting
    • Blood Vessels
      • carry blood around the body
      • Arteries
        • thick walls
      • veins
        • take blood from organs to heart
          • thin walls to prevent backflow
      • capillaries
        • allow substances to pass out/ in the blood
    • Gaseous exchange
      • heat sends blood to lungs by pulmonary artery
        • air reaches lungs through trachea
          • trachea divides into two tubes (bronchi)
            • bronchi --> bronchioles, bronchioles--> alveoli, blood is taken back to heart through pulmonary vein
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    • The heart
      • double circulatory system
        • blood passes through heart twice on each circuit
        • blood enters the heart through the atria
          • atria contract and force blood into the ventricles
            • ventricles contract and force blood out of the heart
              • valves make sure blood flows in correct direction


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