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Berlin's four zones.

Berlin was divided into four zones by the Soveits. One area was given to France, Britian and America; This was called the west side of Berlin. Thesse countrys got a part each becouse they were the "Big Three". The Soviets got the whole of the east side.

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As the city was in the soviets side, the west depended on the USSR to keep open routes in and out of the city. It was these decisions that triggered the cold war.

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Berlin Blockade.

Britian, France and America joined their jones together and they had planned to get a new currency to show thier recovery. This is not what Staling wanted; He saw this strong Germany a big threat to the USSR. He responded by closing all roads, railroads and canals from the east and west of Berlin.

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Straving west Berliners.

Stalin wanted to force the west to give up West Berlin by starving two million people amound the west. Which only had enough food for six weeks.

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