Battle of Hastings.

A brief sypopsis of the events of the battle of Hastings.

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Preparing for the battle.

Harold had set up coastal defences waiting for William. But luckly for William winds stopped him from being apposed by these coastal defences.

Unluckly for Harold. Harold Hadrada invaded from the north at the same time with a fleet of longships. So Harold left the coastal defences to go fight the Vikings.

Winds changed. So William set sail with a fleet of 696 ships. He landed unopposed at Pevensey on the 28th of September 1066.

Harold defeated the Vikings (losing some good soldiers). He rushed down to Hastings, taking refuge on Senlac hill. Hailleys comet was seen here, thought to be a bad omen. this was the setting of the battle.

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The armies.

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