Bacterial Conjugation

These cards are all about the process of conjugation. :)

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Bacterial Conjugation

Conjugation occurs when one bacterial cell (the donor cell) transfers DNA to another bacterial cell (the recipient cell).

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Step 1

- One cell produces a thin projection that meets another cell.

This forms a thin conjugation tube between the two cells.

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Step 2

- The donor cell replicates one of its plasmids

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Step 3

- The circular DNA is broken to make it linear before it passes along the tube into the recipient cell, where it becomes linear again.

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Horizontal gene transmission

Conjugation can also be known as horizontal gene transmission. Remember that this process only occurs between members of different bacterial species.

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Vertical gene transmission

Where genes are passed down from one generation of a species to the next generation of the same species is called Vertical gene transmission.

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