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What are JS Bachs Dates?

He was born in 1685

He died in 1750

During the Baroque Period

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What instrument was he particularly good at?

He worked mainly as a church organist

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What time of music was he payed to write?

He was payed to write secular music (non religious music)  

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What did he Compose?

The Six Brandenburg Concertos

The Six Suites for Solo Cello

The Six Partitas

Sonatas for Solo Violin

and The 48 preludes and Fugues called the Well-Tempered Clavier

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How many people were in one of Bachs Performance g

There were 8 or 9 proffesional musicians who were supplemented on occasion

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What were the performance groups called?

The performance Groups were called Chamber Groups

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When were the Six Bradenburg Concertos Written?

They were written Between 1711 and 1720 and in 1721 they were dedicated to Cristian Ludwig

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What key was the setwork in

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What key is the setwork in?

D Major

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What is a Continuo?

A group of one or more basses (Cello and Bass) together with one Chordal instrument

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What is a Harpsichord?


Its a old version of a Piano that plucks the strings instead of hammering them.

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What is Virtuoso?

Virtuoso is very showy music often with fast scales ornaments and High Notes

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What is Cadenza?

Cadenza is an unaccompanied solo where a soloist gets to show off

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What is a Ripieno?

A ripieno is the Main Orchestra

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What is a Concertino?

Concertinos are solo orchestral parts

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What is a Concerto Grosso

Concerto Grossos are multiple soloists with orchesra

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