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card one

The brain has billions of nerve pathways.

New pathways form during development.

During learning the pathways are more likely to trigger impaulses, so skills can be learnt by experiences.

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card two

memory is the store and retrieval of information.

memory can be long term, or short term

human remeber better if they see a pattern in information

humans have complex behaviour

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card three

living things respond to stimulus to help them servive

simple reflexs travel though reflex arcs

animals with simple behaviour can not respond to new situations.

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card four

neurons carry electrical inpaulses

neurons are seperated by synapes

some drugs have an affect on the transmission of inpaulses across the synapes.

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card five

stimulus are detected by receptor cells

nerve impaulses are carried along a sensory nerve to the CNS

the CNS is made up of the brain and the spinal cord which conrol the bodies responses

the effector carries out the response  

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card six

newborn reflexes




adult reflexes

knee jerk

pupil reflex

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