B6 Revision

A few key words to remeber for B6 revision

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Key Words

In Vitro: In Lab.

Embryo: A Ball of cells that develop into a human.

Zygote: A Cell formed by the fusion of the nuclei of both gametes.

Meiosis: The production of gametes (cell division).

Mitosis: The division of cells to form a zygote.

Infertile: Where neither the man nor the woman can have a baby through natural causes.

Incubated: Kept in a incubator, which helps to keep the embry at the correct temperaure.

Fertilisation: When the sperm fertilises the egg cell.

Fertility Drugs: Used in IVF to help the stimulate the production of egg cells in the woman.

Test Tube Baby: The name given to children born through IVF.

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