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In Good Shape & Breathe of Life - Questions

In Good Shape

  • Which type of tissue covers the head of a long bone?                    
  •  What name is given to the process of replacing cartilage with bone?
  •  The biceps and triceps are antagonistic muscles. Explain why.
  • The bending of an arm is an example of a lever. Explain why.

Breathe of Life

  • What happens to the intercostals muscles when you breathe in?
  • Fish gills are adapted for efficient gas exchange. Describe an adaptation
  • Asbestos is no longer used to insulate buildings. Explain why.
  • Describe what happens to mucus production during an asthma attack.
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In Good Shape & Breathe of Life - Answers

In Good Shape

  • Cartilage
  •  Ossification
  •  As one muscle contracts the other relaxes,, they pull the arm in opposite directions.
  • The elbow acts as a pivot and although the muscle contracts a short distance, the hand moves much further.

Breathe of Life

  • They contract
  • Large surface Area, rich blood supply.
  • It caused asbestosis.
  • More mucus is produced forming a plug
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The Vital Pump & Running Repairs - Questions

The Vital Pump

  • Where does the pulmonary artery take the blood to?
  •  Describe the cardiac cycle of the human heart.
  •  What is the job of an artificial pacemaker?
  • What is the job of the SAN pacemaker?

Running Repairs

  • Describe one way to solve the problem of damaged heart valves.
  • Describe the effects of alcohol on blood pressure.
  • Suggest one reason why donor cards should be made compulsory.
  • Someone with blood group O cannot receive group A blood. Explain why.
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The Vital Pump & Running Repairs - Answers

The Vital Pump

  • Lungs
  •  Heart relaxes, blood enters the atrium, atria contract, pushing blood into the ventricles which contract pushing the blood into the arteries.
  • To send electrical impulses to the heart and regulate the heartbeat.
  • To send impulses across the atria causing them to contract.

Running Repairs

  • The valves can be replaced by artificial valves or valves from a donor.
  • Lowers blood pressure.
  • So more organs are available for transplants, solve the shortage of suitable organs
  • antibodies in plasma of group O cause the donated antigen A to agglutinate.
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Waste Disposal & Life Goes On - Questions

Waste Disposal

  • Which organ in the body makes urea?
  • Re-absorption of glucose uses active transport.  Suggest a reason why.
  • Sweating cools down the body. Explain why.
  • Describe the processes involved in producing more dilute urine.

Life Goes on

  • Describe what happens to the uterus on day one of the menstrual cycle.
  • What is the role of LH in the menstrual cycle?
  • During amniocentesis loose cells are taken. Suggest why.
  • Describe one argument against IVF treatment.
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Waste Disposal & Life Goes On - Answers

Waste Disposal

  • Liver
  • Because glucose is reabsorbed against the concentration gradient.
  • Water in sweat uses the heat energy to evaporate.
  • Low concentration of blood sensed by receptors in the hypothalamus, pituitary gland stops producing ADH, less water reabsorbed by the kidney tubule.

Life Goes on

  • The lining is shed
  • Controls the release of the egg.
  • So they can be tested for certain birth defects.
  • IVF does not have a very high success rate, multiple births are a problem.
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New for Old & Size Matters - Questions

New for Old

  • Explain why mechanical replacements must be inert.
  • Organ transplants are now more successful. Suggest why.
  • Write down one reason for the lond transplant waiting list.
  • Explain why immuno-suppressive drugs are needed after a transplant

Size Matters

  • What is the noraml weight range for a boy aged 16 weeks?
  • Regular excerise can help with better growth. Explain why.
  • Suggest one reason why we expect to live longer than out ancestors.
  • What affect does IGF-1 have on the body?
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New for Old & Size Matters - Answers

New For Old

  • So the body does not react to them
  • Advances and experience in new medical techniques.
  • Difficulty in finding tissues or blood that matches or that there is a shortage of donors.
  • Prevent the immune system rejecting transplant as foreign tissue

Size Matters

  • 5.4 kg - 8.4 kg.
  • Makes the body release more growth hormones.
  • Modern treatments and cures for many diseases. etc.
  • Triggers an increased production of cartilage causing an increase in length of long bones in the arms and legs.
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