B3 Summer Yeast + Respiration

What it says above. Plain and simple.

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aerobic respirationin yeast + humans

glucose + oxygen = carbon dioxide + water (+ energy)

anaerobic respiration in yeast (fermentation)

glucose = ethanol (alcohol)+ carbon dioxide (+ energy)

anaerobic respiration in humans

glucose = lactic acid (+ energy) no carbon dioxide!

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Yeast cells

Yeast cell (single celled fungus) contains:

mitochondrion(ia) = site of respiration

ribosome - associated with protein formula

oil droplet



cell wall

cell surface membrane

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Reprodution of Yeast


yeast cell reproduction

asexual (no sex)

offspring clones (genetically identical to parent)

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fungal growth + feeding

enzymes are secreted to digest bread

small, soluble molecules such as glucose and amino acids are absorbed into the hypha

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can respire without oxygen (anaerobic respiration) produces carbon dioxide and ethanol

called fermentation

when there's oxygen -> aerobic respiration: produces more energy+ yeast can grow + reproduce

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