As you like it theme of disguise

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As You Like It: Theme of disguise

As both Rosalind and Celia go to the forest they both disguise themselves for their arrival; Rosalind becomes the male character of Ganymede and Celia becomes a young shepherdess Aliena.

The disguise is double in the actual performance of the play as it would be a man playing Rosalind who is then further disguised as a man which would add comic effect for the audience at the time this was published.

This is refered explicitly to in the epilogue of the play, which is very unusual for Shakesperian times.

It can be said that Rosalind can only express herself when disguised as Ganymede as the disguise seems to giver her power and the ability to confront someone, even though she does not know them.

Is this a reflection of her true self, or the person she wants to be?

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