AS SNAB Biology

Key Terms/ Processes within AS SNAB Biology-


T1-Lifestyle, Health and Risk

T2- Genes and Health

T3- The voice of the Genome

T4- Biodiversity and Natural Resources

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Blood Vessels- ARTERY

ARTERY- takes blood AWAY from Heart (pulmonary artey -> lungs, aorta to body) Arteries always carry oxygenated blood.


thick wall (withstands high pressure), smooth muscle + elastic fibres (alters lumen dimension, smooth flow- allows recoil), smooth lining endothelial cells (reduction in friction), narrow lumen (smooth muscle regulates size to smooth flow)

Carotid Arteries-> head/neck

Aorta-> To Body.

Arteries become arterioles that feed blood to the capillaries, that then feeds the venules then veins. In this process waste is transfered to the blood and exchanged materials delivered.

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Is there more that I cannot see as I cannot see any questions from topics 2, 3 and 4 in AS SNAB biology?

However, it's really good and I love the colours- they really aid revision :)


you could have included loads more,but its good anyway.

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