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some notes on types of attachment



Definition: a strong emotional bond between a child and a parent which is characterised by distress or upset if separated and happiness when reunited.

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secure attachments

  • this is a strong bond between parent and child.
  • if they are serparated the child becomes upset
  • but when there reunited the child is easily comforted by the parent.
  • most attachments are this type
  • this is associated with a healthy development
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Insecure attachments

there are two types:

Insecure avoidant

  • if a child is separated from the parent they child isn't that distressed and can be conforted by a stranger.
  • this type if insecure attachment is shown by children who avoid social interaction with others

Insecure resistant

  • the child is often uneasy around the parent but becomes upset if they're separated.
  • confort can't be given by stangers or parents.
  • children who show this type of attachment both accept and reject social interation.
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