Arguments against tolerance

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The necessity of social cohesion

  • The most important thing is a society is social cohesion.
  • A collection of individuals tolerating each other is not a society.
  • There must be a certain set of moral values and customs that tie everybody together, otherwise the society would collapse into chaos and anarchy.
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The need for moral standards

  • Tolerant societies permit immorality so will be less moral than intolerant societies.
  • Toleranct societies assume that everyone is equally capable of making judgements and moral life choices, which is not the case, e.g.muderers, rapists etc. Moral authority needs to step in and take over.
  • A tolerant society cannot being morally superior just because it is tolerant.
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The problem of anomie

  • People are happier when they are all the same and know whats going on and what the rules are.
  • Diversity can lead to anomie (feeling of rootlessness which arises when we don't know our place, don't know how to behave, feel like a stranger in a strange land).
  • Alternative is being a full member of a society with roots in that community.
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The greatest happiness of the greatest number

  • Lower levels of tolerance will lead to a happier life as people don't know how to seek out their own good life.
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