AQA GCE DT Product Design (3d) Unit 1 PROD1 Section A examples

Here are some questions taken from section A of the June 11 paper with model answers. 

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a) Define what is meant by the term alloy.
An alloy is a mixture of two or more metals. This is done so that material gets the desired properties from the metals in the mixture.
b) Give an example of a specific alloy and an application for it.
Alloy: Stainless Steel #Note if you wish to use aluminium as an example you MUST call it ‘aluminium alloy’#
Application: Kitchen sink  

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Match the following fabrication methods to the applications below.
- Soldering
- Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welding
- Electric Arc Welding
You should use each fabrication method once only.

Joining aluminium tube to aluminium tube to make a cycle frame - MIG Welding
Joining copper to copper to make jewellery - Soldering
Joining mild steel angle to mild steel angle to make a workbench frame - Arc Welding

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a) Name two different stock forms of timber.
b) Oak is a specific natural wood used in furniture making. Give two reasons why it is suitable.
Oak is highly durable, this means that it will last many years giving the consumer value for money.
Oak has an attractive colour and grain pattern which suits contemporary tastes.

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a)  Define what is meant by the term thermoplastic material.
A thermoplastic is a polymer that can be reshaped by the application of heat. Ot jas loose monomer chains that will reform when heated and therefore it can be recycled.
b) Name a thermoplastic material and an application it is used in.
Childrens toys

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Match the following Computer Numerical Control (CNC) equipment to the applications below.
- CNC Laser cutter
- CNC Router
- CNC Plotter-cutter
You should use each piece of equipment once only.

Cutting vinyl lettering -  CNC Plotter-cutter
3-D machining of a blog of MDF -  CNC Router
Cutting and engraving acrylic sheet - CNC Laser Cutter

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