Application of situation ethics


Homosexual relationships

  • Fletcher says we should violate laws if love/agape is needed "the situationalisn't follows a law or violates it according to love's need"
  • religious laws tend to suugest homosexual relationships are wrong, for example book of Leviticus states "you shall not lie with a man as with a women; that is an abomination"
  • however, situation ethics offers an opposing view as "love is the ruling norm of Christianity"
  • the boss principle would never say homosexual relationships are wrong 
  • morally good = homosexual relations can be good if the relationship lead to agape consequences 
  • morally bad = they are bad if the relationship was based on lust
  • the six fundamental principles and the four working principles would support justify homosexual relationships
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Polyamorous relationships

  • Situation ethics would be exactly the same as homosexual relationships 
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