Business Ethics- Application

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  • Business Ethics-application
    • Kant
      • Never treat people as a means to an end
      • Only having CSR to shareholder's wrong
      • Categorical imperative-  "Act only in accordance with that maxim through which you can at the same time will that it become a universal law."
      • W/ whistle blowers one's duty is to expose them
      • However, in the case of Erin Brocovitch she had a duty to the people that the company was hurting
    • Utilitarianism
      • A shareholders happiness is worth the same as a workers
      • There are more workers than shareholders
      • People cannot be trusted as utilitarianism can be used to justify selfish actions
    • Natural Law
      • One of the purposes of human life is to live in an ordered soc. Businesses need to be regulated to prevent them mistreating workers.
      • Primary Precept of education,so child labour would be seen as wrong - it prevents a child fulfilling his God-given purpose.
    • Situation Ethics
      • It's ethics is based on love
      • Love is the only norm,so rules would be rejected
      • It can be used to justify anything in business


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