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Types of Animation

Rotoscoping= Objects traced over to produce a cartoon effect animation e.g The Christmas Carol & Cinderlla

Onion skinning=Each frame animation is produced whilst sereval frames before are visbile to help track the motion of the object e.g a horse running

Stop Motion=Move an object a small amonut between taking photograhs of it e.g Fireman sam

Tweening= Process of getting the computer to create the in-between frames to smooth out the animation e.g Moving Star

Storyboard= Sequence of drawings with some directions and dialogue

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Frame Rates

Increasing Frame rate too much can make the animation come across too blurry

Decreasing the frame rate too much can make the animation come across too jerky

Persistence of vision= This is when your eye sees an object for a short time after it has disapperaed.

Ways of planning an animation

  • Storyboard
  • Mindmaps
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