Visions and voices

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  • Visions and voices
    • Are visions and voices genuine religious experiences?
      • St Teresa of Avila offered two tests to determine whether an experience was genuine.
        • Does the experience leave the individual feeling at peace?
        • Does it fit in with Christian teaching?
      • How do we prove that an experience is from God? Some schizophrenics hear voices that they think is a message from God.
      • Some thinkers have observed that experiences such as visions and voices are often linked to physical factors such as fasting.
    • Visions
      • Visions occur in a variety of forms and in various faiths.
      • St Teresa's vision
        • Had iner visions.
        • Some thinkers refer to these as intellectual visions. The vision is not the same as seeing an external object with the eyes.
        • It is instead a clear vision in the mind's eye. Religious believers who have these types of vision would argue that they are far too profound to be confused with the imagination.
      • Muhammad's vision
        • Had a vision of the Angel Jibrel (Gabriel)
        • The Angel gave the Prophet messages to recite andproclaim to the people of Makkah.
        • This vision gives Muhammad a purpose and calling.
    • Voices
      • These are usually the voice of God or, in the case of the revelation to Muhammad, the voice of an Angel mediating the words of God.
      • Augustine's experience
        • In Augustine's case, the voice may have been the natural voice of a child playing.
        • Augustine interprets this to be a means of God communicating with him.
        • This shows that religious experiences may not always be supernatural. They may be natural events that we interpret as having religious significance.
    • Both visions and voices share certain characteristics with other experiences and descritptions overlap.


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