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Commitment - a sense of dedication and obligation to someone or something
Responsibilities - actions you are expected to carry out
Reconciliation - saying sorry and making up after an argument
Conflict: the stresses and strains that take place within all human relationships
Storge ­ Affection, for things and animals.
Philos ­ Love of friends and family
Eros ­ Sexual love
Agape ­ Unconditional love
Contraception ­ this is any natural or artificial means used to prevent conception after intercourse.
Birth control - any attempt to limit the number of babies either to a couple or within the general population.
Family Planning ­deliberate prevention, allowing a couple to choose when to have children and how many.
Artificial Contraception - things that have been human-made in order to prevent pregnancy.
Natural Contraception - planning a family through using natural methods such as the
Rhythm Method, following a woman's menstrual cycle in order to have sexual intercourse at a woman's least fertile time if the couple
want to wait to have children.
Agnostic ­ believing that you cannot know whether or not god exists.
Atheist ­ believing that there is no god
Theists ­ believing that there is a god…read more

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Authority ­ power over others through position or moral teaching
Community ­ a group of people joining together because they share something in common
Discrimination ­ treating someone differently or unfairly
Duty ­ a sense of obligation to someone of something
Equality ­ where everyone is treated fairly and have equal rights
Ex nihilo ­ out of nothing
Human rights ­ rights to have basic things all humans need
Humanity ­ all the people who live on earth; a sense of compassion or benevolence towards each other
Omnibenevolence - all-loving nature of god
Omnipotence ­ all powerful nature of god
Omnipresent ­ god is present everywhere
Omniscience ­ god has great knowledge
Trinity ­ god reveals himself in three persons: the father, the son and the Holy Spirit
Stewardship ­ god-given responsibility to look after the world.
Responsibilities- actions you are expected to carry out
Rite of passage ­ something that marks a specific event in a person's life
Marriage - is a contract between two people making a commitment to stay with each other.…read more

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Cohabitation- two people who commit to living with each other without marrying.
Annulment- declaring that marriage never took place
Sacrament - marriage is blessed by God based on biblical teaching.
Permanent - marriage is meant to be for life, no divorce.
Exclusive - marriage is only between two people
Life giving - marriage is meant for procreation, having children
Self-giving- giving yourself to your partner, both emotionally and physically
Public event - there must be witnesses. it has to take place before a church congregation.
Nuptial mass - the mass celebrated in a Roman Catholic Church as the end of marriage ceremony
Vow - promise made a part of a Christian marriage service
The rite or ceremony of marriage develops the idea that the couple expresses their love and service of God through their love and service
for each other.
Rings ­ are a sign of love and fidelity and a token of their promises to each other.
Marriage is a relationship based on faithfulness which is plain for all to see.
Ketubah ­ the signing of the Jewish wedding document.
Huppah ­ the wedding canopy where the couple and their parents stand underneath.
Bedecken ­ the unveiling of a bride during the orthodox Jews wedding ceremony…read more

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What commitments do Christians have?
Christians are committed to their faith and would want to find out more about God's relationship with humans by reading
the bible.
What commitments do Jews have?
When young Jews are ready to commit to their Jewish faith, a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah takes place which is a public
statement that that show they are ready to accept the Jewish ten commandments and the 603 laws of the torah.
What do R.C believe about contraception?
R.C oppose all artificial method of contraception apart from the rhythm method which is following a woman's menstrual
cycle in order to have sexual intercourse at a woman's least fertile time.
What do Jews believe about contraception?
Orthodox Jews believe that the only acceptable use of contraception is the rhythm method (natural birth control) because
god always intended intercourse for the procreation of children.
Reform Jews believe that any form of contraception is acceptable since god continually provides new scientific advances to
increase human health and happiness.
Four conditions Jews generally accept contraception
1 . There is a risk that the newborn might inherit a genetic disorder from its parents.
2. The family cannot afford another child.
3. There is a risk to the physical or mental health of the mother if she is to have a baby.
4. If the couple already have two children and don't feel like the need anymore.…read more

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Jewish Marriage Ceremony
The wedding ceremony is always under a huppah which is a symbol of how the couple will build a home together.
The ceremony begins with two blessings over a cup of wine ­ to symbolise joy and happiness.
The Jewish Ketubah is signed and then read aloud for everyone to hear.
The seven blessing are then recited, praising God.
Roman Catholic Marriage Ceremony
In the church there will be a congregation of family and friends present. This is a symbol of the involvement of others in the community of the
couple; a new relationship has begun within the community.
A Roman Catholic ceremony is called a nuptial mass. So the actual marriage takes place within a normal mass.
The couple will then exchange vows where they promise to love, honour, cherish and stay faithful to one another `till death us do part'
The couple will then exchange rings. A symbol of the life-long relationship of love being made.
RC teachings on sex
Between one man and one woman.
Sex should only happen within marriage.
Considered to be a Sacrament ­ a relationship in which God himself is involved
It should be to create life ­ have children - within a marriage
Judaism teachings on sex
Within marriage is good and natural
It is the duty of a Jewish man to marry and have children ­ so sex should be fruitful within marriage
Sex should only happen within a marriage
RC teachings on adultery
Marriage is sexually exclusive ­ sex should not be shared with anyone else.
Adultery is forbidden in the 10 commandments.
Jesus himself forbids adultery.
Adultery breaks the marriage vows.
Adultery destroys trust.
Judaism teachings on adultery
Adultery is strictly forbidden ­ 10 commandments.
Sexual relationships should only take place within marriage.…read more

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What is R.C teaching on divorce?
This takes place when a legally married couple decides to separate for various reasons. It takes place when a
marriage breaks down and cannot be repaired.
Why is R.C. Church against divorce?
Malachi - god said "i hate divorce"
divorce threatens the sacred and exclusiveness of marriage
breaks the covenant and the vows, "till death do us part"
Mark 10, what god has joined together, let no man separate
Jesus teaches that divorce is wrong: "whoever divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery against her.
Vice versa
Reasons for annulment
One partner was forced into the marriage
One partner did not have the maturity to understand what the marriage involved
One partner did not intend to remain faithful
One partner was not baptised at the time of the marriage
One partner did not intend to have children
What are Jewish teachings on divorce?
In Judaism, divorced is view as a great tragedy but sometimes a necessary one.
In the torah, the prophet Malachi declared "I hate divorce", says Adonai the god of Israel
According to the Talmud "when a man puts aside the wife of his youth, even the very altar weeps."
Yet allowances for divorce have been always a part of Jewish law…read more

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