point-puck is mischevious

explain-"for sometimes for 3 foot stool mistaketh mee, and then slip from her bum

technique- noun, bum.

explain- engages the reader and it is humourous

reader- shows thta puck likes to embarras older women.

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point-Cruel streak

explain-Frights the maidens of the villagery

technique-Verb fright

explain- Shows he likes to scare people

reader-He likes to torment inocent young people

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point-Easly amused

explain-Misleads the nightwonderers, laghing at there harm

technique-Verb laughing

explain- Finds other peoples harm humerous and gets joy from it

reader-Faires enjoy tricking people

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explain-Those that hobgoblin me and sweet puck

technique-Nouns sweet puck

explain- Those that say the words will get good luck

reader-People thought faries were lucky

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explain-" and sometimes lurk in a gossip bowl, in the verry likelinesss of a rosted crab"

technique-noun likelness

explain-most likely be a rosted crab but may not be.

reader-shows how nosy puck is 

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explain- "I am the merry wonderer of the night"

technique-Adjective merry

explain-hows that puck is happy

reader- Pucks a bit to big foor his boots as he thinks he is the funniest person

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