In the play, puck is shown to be mischevious. we know this as he "for somtimes  for a 3 food stool miataketh me." "and then slip from her bum" the noun bum is good because it is a word the readers know unlike oth eeolder words they would usually use. it is also good because it is hhumorous . this shows that puck likes to embarras older people.

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Puck is shown to have a cruel streek. We know this as he £frights the maidens of the villagery" the verb frightshows he likes to scare people. Shakespere there shows puck likes to torment inocent yoiunge people.

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In the play puck is shown to be esaasilly amused. we can see this fro mwhen he "missleads the nioght wonderers, laughing at there harm." The verb laughing shows that puck finds eachothers hsrm humerous and gets joy from it. this shows the reader that faries like tricking humans.

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In the play shakes peer shows puck as lucky. He shows this by when he says "Those who hobgoblin me and call me sweet puck" The noun sweet Puck shows how people use to saying sweet Puck and hobgoblinwould give the good luck. From this the reader has learnet that people use to believe in faries. 

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In  the playpuck is showen to be magical. We can see this when Shakespere puts "in the verry likelyness of a rosted crab and sometimes lurk inside of a gossip bowl." the noun likelness shows that puck ia most likekly a rosted apple but could no be. This shows the reader that puck is verry nosey.

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In the play puck is shown as happy. we can see this when he says "I am the merry wonderer of the night" The adjective merry shows that puck finds himself halarious. What we can get from this is that puck is a bit  to big for his boots as he thinks he is the most funniest person of the night.

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