Alexander III and Pobedonostsev's Beliefs


Alexander III

  • Determination to rule as an autocrate
  • Wanted repression
  • Any concessions or signs of weakness would show cowardice and failure
  • Alexander seemed to be highly influenced by Pobedonostsev
  • Thought the freer education would be a threat to autocracy
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  • Intolerant of faiths
  • Hostile to minorities
  • Critical of liberalism
  • Attacked parliamentary government as 'the great lie of our time'
  • Supported policies that return Russia to a police state
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Pobedonostsev's Influence

  • Caused Alexander III to appoint conservative reactionary ministers
  • Alexander III produced a manifesto promising to 'reassert the principles of autocracy'
  • Persuaded to reject 1881 Loris-Melikov proposals and dismissed him
  • Had JPs repleaced by new land captains to restore landed nobility to rightful place as 'guardians of the peasants'
  • Was Head of Orthodox Chruch which was great influence of education
  • Persuaded Alexander to goven with the advice of small body of experienced ministers
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  • Forcing the Russian Language and culture on people of other ethnic origins and endorsing anti-semitism which produced pogroms against Jews
  • Alexander III created 1883-1885 to restore autocratic power under Pobedonostsev's influence
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