Air Masses

Polar Maritime

  • Very common air mass that comes from the Arctic, picks up moisture producing precipitation and convectional rainfall in summer, air becomes unstable as it passes over Atlantic
  • Pm air is cold and moist
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Tropical Maritime

  • Common, comes from S. Atlantic Ocean, warm air can hold lots of vapour brining lots of rain, mild in winter, warm, wet in summer, causes drizzle and fog
  • Tm bring warm and moist conditions
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Polar Continental

  • Common in winter, comes from N. Europe, cold in winter, mild in summer, air is unstable in winter, can bring snow, dry but cold
  • Pc brings cold and dry conditions 
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Tropical Continental

  • Rare, comes from N. Africa across Med, warm dry ar, mild in winter, heat waves in summer, can cause thunderstorms in summer
  • Tc brings warm and dry conditions
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  • Comes from Arctic, brings cold and wintry conditions
  • A brings cold conditions with snow
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