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A01 Institutional Aggression

1) The importation model - (Irwin & Cressey) : 

- Social traits are took into prision - influences their adaptions to environment.

 - Pre-exisiting factors of individual - Addiction, race and age.  

 - Coming from different subcultures - may see aggression as something that is valued.

Deprivation Model - (Sykes) :  ----Aggression is a result of stress and oppressive condition 

1) Deprivation of Liberty - Are rejected from society ( Uniforms, numbers, no rights)

2) Deprivation of autonomy - No control over choices, officers control their routines and actions

3) Deprivation of goods & services - Of things the outside world would have.

4) Deprivation of heterosexual relationships - female company valued, reduces mans selfworth.

5) Deprivation of security - fear of other inmates 

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