Adult Cell Cloning

To understand adult cell cloning

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Cloning Your Own Sheep

- Animal to be cloned (Sheep 1)

- Egg donor (Sheep 2)

- The nucleus is taken from an adult cell (sheep 1)

- The nucleus is removed from an unfertilised egg cell from another sheep (sheep 2)

- The nucleus from the original adult cell (1) is placed in the empty egg

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- The new cell is given a tiny electric shock, this fuses the new cell together and the new cell begins to divide to form embryo cells. These embryo cells contain the same genetic information as the original adult cell

- When the embryo has developed into a ball of cells, it is inserted into the womb of an adult female sheep (host mother) to continue its development

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-When an adult sheep is produced, this is known as adult cell cloning. The lamb born is a clone of sheep 1

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