Social values, norms and more

social values - rules that are shared by most people in a culture or the ideas that they hold in value

norms - social expectations that guide behaviour and explain people's behaviour and why they act the way they do 

Mores - moras or good ways of behaving. norms that a culture would think of as too serious to break, e.g. murder

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society's changing views regarding smoking

> in the 1930s it was a social norm to smoke cigarettes and such behaviour was acceptable, glamourised and encouraged 

> health implications of smokign were understood, people's views changedand it is now not only frowned upon but in certain circumstances is also illegal 

> mid 1950s several pieces of research were published that confirmed a link between tobacco products and lung cancer

> in 1964 the surgeon general in the USA concluded that there was a link between lung cancer and chronic bronchitis and cigarette smoking. 

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