Behaviorist model 

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Behaviorist explanation of abnormality AO1

Must  Classical conditioning, Operant conditioning, social learning theory.


Classical conditioning- Behavior is learnt through stimulus response associations.

Operant conditioning- Behavior is influenced by the consequences of our actions in terms of positive and negative reinforcement.  

Social learning theory- if we observe behavior we have the abilit yo replicate it. 

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Behaviorist explanation of abnormality AO2


Focuses on behaviour- overcomes ethical issues as it concentrates on wether the information is adaptive or maladaptive. 

Focuses on functioning- If the behavior presents no problem to anyone there is no reason to regard it as a mental disorder. 


ignores the cause- the model focuses on the symptoms and ignores the causes of the mental disorder. if the symptoms were treated without treating the problem it will come back another way.

reductionist- to simplistic. Explains through conditioning and observation but not emotion and thinking. 

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