6.3 Genetic and Environmental differences

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6.3 Genetic and Environmental differences

Differences in the characteristics of individuals of the same kind (same species) may be due to:

·         Differences in the genes they have inherited.

·         The conditions in which they have developed.

·         A combination of both these genetic and environmental causes. 

Genes are the most important factor in controlling the appearance of an individual. 

Plants may be affected by a lack of light, nutrients or space to grow. 

Human development may be effected during pregnancy, if the mother smokes or drinks a lot of alcohol the baby may have a small birth weight.

One animals are born, too much or too little food can alter their characteristics. For example, genes may determine if someone has the potential to be a good althlete. However, training to develop muscles and eating the correct diet will also alter the althlete's body.

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