5.2 Need for continual monitoring of the change management process against original objectives and plan

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Is process on track and identify any issues

  • Are the objectives being achieved or not?
  • Will the final grade be reached given the progress made so far?
  • Are there enough resources to enable the change to be carried out?

If targets have been achieved then it's important to reward and celebrate, if not, identify issues/problems that are causing the delay and carry out remedial action.

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Identify improvements against original objectives

  • Should the deadlines be changed?
  • Are the objectives still realistic?
  • Should priorities be changed?
  • Improvements could be brought about by changes in internal (functional areas) and external (PESTLE) factors such as downturn in the economy, the loss of key personnel responsible for the change management etc.
  • In any change process all functional areas (internal) must work together - sales, finance, HR, marketing, operations.
  • As change process is occurring PESTLE needs to be considered as external factors - political, economic, social, technological, legal, environmental.
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How well the managers are managing the change

  • Comparing the progress made against objectives set for the managers through gathering qualitative and quantitative data and employees could be asked how well they think the change has been managed.
  • Offers the opportunity to reward and celebrate achievements which is important to encourage and motivate managers towards the end goal.
  • Also allows the barriers to change to be identified and removed.
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Identify when the change process is complete

  • Requires a clear vision from the outset to indicate to stakeholders what it looks like.
  • To identify when change is complete, the aims must be clear and objectives SMART.
  • Both quantitative and qualitative data should be used as indicators for completion as well as for evaluation.
  • When change is complete, evaluation can begin to suggest future improvements.
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