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  • Brexit
    • Markets most likely affected
      • Automotive
        • Exporting 77% of cars, of which 58% go to EU
      • Airlines
        • readjust European routes to keep with EU laws, and have to adjust costs to include visas
        • Easy Jet saw 20% drop in share price following Brexit vote
      • Pharmaceutical
        • Research done abroad
        • Currently use EU regulation which allows early introduction of some drugs which is quicker than Uk's process.
      • Fiancial
        • Massive drops in share price (average of 30% from multiple banks)
        • May have to restructure operations and have additional assesments
    • Economy after 24th June 2016
      • Britain’s growth rate bounced back in the second quarter to a 0.4 per cent rate, from 0.1 per cent at the start of the year
      • Hot summer encouraged spending
      • Finanical Times research has shown that by the end of the first quarter, the UK economy was between 1% and 1.5%smaller than it would have been without the Brexit vote
      • Growth in full-time employment
      • Real Wage growth fell as inflation rises about Bank of England's target
      • UK stocks performance poor
    • Government support for industries
      • Separated industries into high, medium, and low priority groups
      • Financial services, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture are among "high priority" sectors.
    • Legislative challenges and Implications
      • Need to not introduce non-essential changes in the repeal bill.
      • Save secondary legislation made under ECA as to have continued affect.
      • Employment laws
        • Discrimination and family leave rights, working time regulation, protection for atypical workers, health and safety in the workplace and the rights of employees
        • Created by EU regulation
        • Unlikely to have major changes as many seen as rights rather than just laws
        • UK has some laws going further than EU legislation


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