4 areas of development (PIES)

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Physical Development

Pysical Development - The development and growth of the body.

Gross motor skills- The development of the large mucles in the body, for (sitting, standing, running, jumping, skipping, throwing a ball etc.)

Fine manipulative skills- Contorlling the samller muscles, controlling and using the fingers for all those tiny details, (drawing, colouring and doing buttons etc.)

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Intellectual Development

Intellectual Development - The development of the brain.

Learning new skills-  How to play a game, ABC, new words, how to write, how to draw etc.

Speech and language-  How to use their voice, how to make sounds and using words, speaking etc.

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Emotional Development

Emotional Development- Learing all about emotions.

* Learing how to understand and control your own emotions, (confidence, self esteem etc.)

* Understaing that others have emotions and how to understand and respent them.

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Social Development

Social Development- All about leanring the skills to fit in and be a part of society.

* Learing how to act and beahave in an appropriate manner, what is acceptable, making and keeping friends, manners etc.

*:Learing the skills that make you an accepted part of society. How to dress appropriate, use a knife and fork, using the toilet, personal hygine etc.

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