3.1.8: How Catholcis respond to unanswered prayers

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3.1.8: How Catholics respond to unanswered prayers

Key points:

- if you pray for something selfish, like God allowing you to pass without any reviison, God will let you fail.

- your prayer may not be answered in the way you expect. because God has other plans. For example, he may want to enter an ill person to heaven.

- just like a human parent God may answer our prayers bu giving us what we need rather than what we have aksed for.

- Catholics believe that God loves people&so they believe God's love will answer their prayers in the best posisble way even though it will not look like a direct answer.

- Catholics believe that God will answer their prayers in the best way for the person praying even if it was dfferent from what theye expected.

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evaluation questions:

- if God doesn't answer prayers he doesnt exist.

- if there really was a God he would answer prayers of good religious prayers&there would be no wars, no starvation. 

- there are moe unanswered prayers than answered prayers.

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