3.1.3: The Argument From Design&Belief In God

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Main points:

Design means making a plan to produce something. For example, a car is made to the plan of the designer and looking at any part of the car makes you think that the car has been designed.

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Religious believers:

Many religious believes have looked at the wold and seen that the way the universe works makes it look as if it has been designed. Some scientists also see evidence of design in the process of evolution where complex life-forms develop from simple ones.

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- Anything that has been designed needs a designer

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There is plenty of eveidence that the world has been designed(laws of science such as gravity&magnetism. DNA being a blueprint for life,

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if the world has been designed, the world must need a designer.

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Therefore, the appearance of deisgn in the world proves that God exists.

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evaluation questions:

- No designer would create things like earthquakes, volcanoes.

- Science can explain the appearance of design without needing God.

- Even if the argument worked, it would only prove that the universe has a designer, not that this designer is God.

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