2004 Asian Tsunami

Disaster reminded the world that

  • Majority of world lives in low-lying coastal areas
  • Impact of storm surges expected to worsen as a result of sea level rise (global warming)
  • This sea level rise is global so will affect many countries (expect higher erosion rates and higher flood risk)
  • Settlement and development in coastal areas will make this more serious and challenging
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Case study 2004 Asian Tsunami

What happened?

  • 26th of Decemner '04 earthquake occured
  • Under Indian Ocean
  • Epicentre off west coast of Sumatra Indonesia
  • Triggered a series of dangerous tsunami's along coasts of most countries
  • Killed around 28000 people
  • Hundreds and thousands of people made homeless
  • Ninth deadliest natural disaster in modern history


  • Wordwide community donated more than $7 billion in aid to those affected
  • Noone has been able to put a cost on total damage
  • Impact on mental health on those who survived
  • Aid programmes may quickly reconstruct homes, schools etc but not repaired mental state of those
  • 50% of survivers have problems and 5-10% have mental health problems
  • Tsunami has triggered 40% of post-traumatic stress disorder in children
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