1.4.a Sandbanks, Dorset

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Reasons for management

  • Large number of high value properties
  • Sandbanks Hotel provides jobs
  • Fourth most expensive street per metre squared in the world
  • Houses valued at over £10 million
  • Apartments valued at over £2 million
  • Major tourist attraction, Blue flag award
  • Protection for Poole Harbour
  • Climate chnge predicts 60cm increase in next 100 years
  • £18 million of damages predicted for the next 20 years
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Management Strategies

  • Rock groynes costing hundreds of thousands of pounds each
  • Beach recharge
  • Dredged from offshore
  • Sprayed onto beaches (rainbowing)
  • This can cost £20 per cubic metre
  • Can be just £3 per cubic metre if dumped just offshore and letting natural processes take the sediment onto the beach
  • Total of 3.5 million cubic metres have been added to Poole Bay beaches
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Impacts on coastline

Rock groynes

  • Maintain deep wide beach
  • Minimises longshore drift
  • this keeps Poole Harbour access free
  • Erosion would be 1.6 metres per year without the groynes

Beach recharge

  • Reduces the impact of waves if slightly offshore
  • allows fr erosion rates to stay high whilst maintaining the coastline
  • Keeps the aesthetic profile of the blue flag coast
  • Impacts the sediment budget in small sediment cells
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