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Edexcel GCSE Science
Physics P1a
Topic 9
Producing and Measuring Electricity
Topic 10
You're in Charge
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Questions 1 to 16 must be answered by Foundation-tier candidates only.
Higher-tier candidates start at question 17
Solar cells
1. Sharon was investigating the use of a solar cell to
provide electricity.
The solar cell uses
A. chemical energy
B. kinetic energy
C. light energy
D. heat energy
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2. The energy produced by the solar cells is
measured in
A. volts
B. amps
C. watts
D. joules
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3. The type of current supplied by the solar cell is
A. direct
B. thermal
C. magnetic
D. static
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4. A disadvantage of solar cells is that
A. they damage the ozone layer
B. they are noisy
C. they produce greenhouse gases
D. they are expensive
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5. Sharon wants to calculate the efficiency of the
solar cell.
Which equation should she use?
A. Efficiency = useful input x voltage input x 100%
B. Efficiency = useful input x total output x 100 %
C. Efficiency = useful output x 100%
voltage input
D. Efficiency = useful output x 100%
total input
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