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Koko: African music ­ Yiri
Koko are

Madou Kone, vocals, balafon, flute

Seydou Traore, vocals, balafon

Jacouba Kone, djembe

François Naba, vocals, tamtam, dunun, maracas

Keresse Sanou, talking drum

Tidiane Hema, vocals, bâra (?), maracas.

Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso also known by its shortform name Burkina, is a landlocked nation…

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Historical Context of African Music

The music of Southern Africa shows an influence from Western music, mostly from the
colonialist occupation that occured ­the influence of the slave trade and missionaries on the
music of this region, have influenced the music, which is often is acapella, though richly
harmonic and…

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The balaphones is a lamellophone with wooden keys. There are many different
balaphones in Africa. They fall into two main categories: the freekey type, in which the keys
are independent of one another and of their supports, and those with fixed keys, in which the
keys are permanently strung…

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Polyphony and Polyrhythm are also important. Polyphony has many musical parts
or rhythms interweaving with each other. Polyrhythm is the simultaneous sounding of two
or more individual rhythms (e.g. 3 against 4). In West Africa, drum ensembles have 35
players, each with a distinctive method of striking their drum and…


Samuel Richardson


A set of notes with great detail included here. There is some useful background information on Burkina Faso included as well as a map and some good pictures. 

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