Yellowstone 2 & eruption review

Yellowstone 2 & eruption review

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Before the eruption of Yellowstone it will have an affects on, rising
on the ground by the rising of magma under ground, geyser the hot
exploding water, toxics gases like sulphur from the crack on the
ground which will affect on living things around
If the super volcano would have erupted it would affect the near by
people living around by pyroclastic flow a super heated gas
travelling at more than thousand miles per hour ,that will destroy
town/cities, kill people, plants and animal in seconds evaporating
every liquid inside. Lots of ashes that will destroy houses land and
form a sand quake. Earthquakes will destroy people's lands, farm,
houses and other more properties.
After the eruption it will have an affect on the whole global for years
because ashes will rise into the atmosphere and block out the sun
rays, making the atmosphere colder and darker, leading to the failure
of crops and starvation of people and spread on by the wind causing
problems to others. Sulphur a toxic gases, which will kill plants and
animal leading to the failure of crops and starvation.
There are scientist, geologist and others working together,
monitoring the park everyday to report what might happen and what
they could do such as when the next super volcano might erupt and
what might happen. Most of the people think its beautiful of the
place and scientist, geologist will take care of the place so there is no
worries to be. But some people are scared about their children's
future of what might happen.
Amar Gurung


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