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Where is Yellowstone in USA?
There are two Yellowstone in America, located in Northwest of
Wyoming the Yellowstone National park and Long Valley in
eastern California.
What are super volcanoes and the difference from
normal volcano?
Super volcanoes are one of the oldest and the largest volcanoes.
They are huge in thousand time's larger than a standard volcano
and much explosive. They are flat in shape and the top is called
the Caldera. They are not formed by
the cracks of the Tectonics plate like
normal volcanoes. The magma in the
mantle rises up into the crust from a
hotspot but is unable to break through
the crust. So, the pressure builds in
large and growing magma pool under
until the crust is unable to contain the
pressure. It get released from the
crack with an eruption taking the land under and surrounding by
walls. Covering a large area that something hard to spot where
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they are and magma under the ground moves around so its always
not sure where it will erupt without the use of an satellite.
The super volcanoes have erupted three times in the last millions
year, burying some mountains and killing lots living things. The
First eruption was in 2.1m, Second in 1.3m and Third in 640,000,
which tells us that the next volcano will erupt in hundred
thousand years.…read more

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Another feature that attracts visitors is the different types of large
and small mammals, birds, reptile, fishes. Large mammals such as
bear, mountain lion, deer, sheep, elk, moose. Etc. small mammals
such as bat, squirrel, rabbit, mole. Etc.
Beside having great features, the Yellowstone national park have
so many human activities which makes the national park more
attractive and enjoyable.…read more


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