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Wuthering Heights Chapter Summaries

Chapter Basic Summary Key Key Quotes Narrator
1 (I) Lockwood visits Wuthering Heights. Lockwood "Mr. Heathcliffe forms a singular Lockwood
Lockwood gives the first description of & Heathcliff contrast to his abode and style of
Heathcliffe and the sitting room. living. He is a dark-skinned…

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9(IX) Hindley returns drunk and drops Hareton Heathcliff, "It would degrade me to marry Ellen
from the landing. Heathcliff saves him. Ellen, Heathcliff now; so he shall never know (Lockwood
Catherine talks to Ellen and reveals she is Catherine how I love him: and that, not because )
to marry…

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16(XVI) Cathy is born and Catherine dies soon "Catherine Earnshaw, may you not Ellen
after. Heathcliff visits her body before she rest as long as I am living; you said I
is buried. killed you--haunt me, then! The
murdered do haunt their murderers, I
believe. I know that ghosts have…

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Cathy spends her days nursing Nelly and
her father, and her nights visiting Linton at
Wuthering Heights.
24(XXIV) Nelly finds out about Cathy's night-time Ellen,
visits. Cathy tells her how she had made Cathy
fun of Hareton and caused irritation
amongst the three and she wanted to
return. Nelly immediately…

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34(XXXIV) Heathcliffe deteriorates- he does not eat I lingered round them, under that Ellen,
or sleep. He wanders on the moors seeing benign sky: watched the moths Lockwood
Catherine everywhere he goes. He is fluttering among the heath and
found dead in Catherine's room and is harebells, listened to the…


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