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Writing to
Inform…read more

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Writing to Inform
· The emphasis in this exam is your ability to
write in a more personal and or descriptive
· You need to start ideas clearly and
· Adapt your writing for different purposes
and readers
· Be able to write in different forms…read more

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Writing to Inform
Organisation: Accuracy:
· Paragraphing · Grammar
· Sentences ­ that · Punctuation
show variety · Correct spelling
· Varied vocabulary
· Variety of structural
features ­ i.e.
decisive endings…read more

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1. A student from another area is coming to stay with you. Write
a letter informing her or him about:
· Your home and your local are
· And what you plan to do during the visit.
2. Many people have strong views on a topic such as cruelty to
animals, dangerous sports or environmental issues. Choose a
topic you feel strongly about. Inform the reader about it and
explain your feelings and your reasons for them.
3. A group of students from another country is coming to visit
your school. Write a letter welcoming them and informing
them about:
· How to prepare for their visit
· What to expect on their visit
· The kind of things they should look out for.
Start your letter with: Dear students,…read more

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Stylistic features:
· clear introduction
· provide a context for what you are going to write
· wide range of different aspects of the topic
· detail
· technical language, perhaps explained briefly
· systematic and logical organisation
· use of personal experience
· use of present tense
· clear links between paragraphs
· unusual and interesting detail specific to the subject…read more

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Typical words and phrases:
· There are many · If you want to ...
kinds of ... then you need to ...
· The one I am most · In order to begin
interested in is ... you need to ...
· The pleasure I find in · Make sure that you
· The excitement lies
in ... · Some people enjoy
· By far the most
interesting aspect ... · Other kinds of ...…read more

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