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When you write to describe, you are creating a picture with
words ­ you are not writing a story. When you want to
describe something, the most important thing is to select
exactly the right word that sums up what you want the reader
to see and understand.
In order to bring your writing to life, you need to:…read more

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Use different images Try to include similes and metaphors to bring your writing to life
Appeal to the reader's senses Descriptive writing may involve all the senses of sight, touch, smell, sound
and taste. The more you (the writer) use the senses to describe something, the easier it will be for the
reader to picture the description.
Use effective adjectives and adverb Try to interest the reader by including details that help them to
build up a picture of the place you are describing.
Structure your ideas using paragraphs This will organise your work and make your description clear to
the reader.
Choose and use interesting vocabulary Selecting the right word will help you describe more effectively.…read more

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Key Writing Task: Describe a tough trek
through treacherous jungle terrain
Remember to plan your work carefully first before writing.
You could plan the task using the ideas in the planning frame on the
next slide and thinking about some of the suggestions given.…read more

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What could you see? The canopy so thick that little light reaches the jungle
Exotic insects' iridescent wings?
What could you hear? Was it quiet or noisy? Did you hear the deadly slither
of the tropical rattlesnake?
What feelings did you have about the place? Does the lack of light scare you? Do you feel that you
might easily lose your sense of direction in the thick
Could you touch anything? Jungle trees that rise from giant buttress roots?
A thick carpet of rotting leaves?
Masses of vines?
What could you smell? Fungi growing on leaves and fallen tree trunks?…read more

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You could begin like this...
Andrew, clutching his rifle with one hand, twisted through a
tangle of ferns. It was the peak of the dry season. They called
this a rain forest, but it hadn't even drizzled here in 60 long
days. Insects swirled within the streaming bars of light that
penetrated the canopy of jatoba trees. A slow, papery rustle
accompanied each footstep as he hiked deeper into the
forest...…read more


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